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On deck: Philadelphia’s Dann Pell. I met Dann after recording a live performance of his, and was immediately struck by the ease and flow of his performance. He agreed to let me engineer and produce his upcoming EP, which we’ll start tracking next month.

In our talks leading up to the sessions, he revealed to me that his songs take on a different length and arrangement each time he plays them live. He’ll lengthen out instrumental sections and even lyrics on verses if the mood strikes him. He’ll also skip whole sections if it doesn’t feel right that particular night. I was amazed by this, and realized that this approach was that certain little something about his performance that resonated with me, even if I didn’t know what it was at the time. 

An adventurous songwriter and performer, I’m excited to work with Dann. Check out his last EP, XOXOO, recorded last year at Uniform Recording and mastered at Full Circle Mastering, both in Philadelphia.

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